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Halo Architects is a nationally recognized church architecture firm that specializes in helping churches with the church design and building process from start to finish, including planning, vision casting, fundraising, designing, and building services. Whether you need help sharing your vision with your congregation or you’re ready to design a church that matches your vision, we have a team of talented church architects who have the experience you need to make your dream a reality.

Halo Architects is more than a full-service church architecture firm and offers our clients the most comprehensive portfolio of services in the church design, church building, and church construction industry. View our church design portfolio to see examples of how we’ve helped hundreds of churches around the country turn their dreams into a reality.

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Our Proven Design Process


Step 1: Developing a Master Plan

The first step in the church design process is for Halo to learn more about your church’s goals, needs, barriers, and challenges so we can design a worship space that matches your church’s DNA. We’ll also help you outline a master plan for the next 15-20 years so you don’t build something you grow out of in only a few years. This step includes:

  • Learning the DNA of your church so we understand your heart and mission.
  • Identifying your unique goals, needs, barriers, and challenges.
  • Explaining what other churches have done in similar situations.
  • Developing a long-term master plan for a worship space that can grow as you grow.
  • Finding out more about the style of worship space you’re interested in—contemporary vs. traditional, etc.
  • Outlining what types of spaces you’ll need—children’s, youth, adult classrooms, worship center, transition areas, etc.

Step 2: Creating a Building Program

Building programming is the next step where we quantify all the information learned in step one to tailor a building program designed specifically for your church. The goal of this step is to develop a clear outline of all the requirements for your project. This step includes:

  • Figuring out how many seats you’ll need in your worship space.
  • Creating a list of rooms and the sizes needed.
  • Determining the size of the stage, whether or not you’ll need a prop area, etc.
  • Tabulating how much square footage will be needed for the entire facility.
  • Calculating how many acres you’ll need for your buildings, parking, and everything else.
building programming

Step 3: Conducting a 3-Day Design Charrette

Step 3 is where the fun really begins. This is when we start to design the look and feel, floor plans, and elevation for your project. By the end of the 3-Day Design Charrette process, you’ll have a good idea of what your building will look like and can start visualizing how you’ll present the project to your congregation. Here’s how this step works:

  • Day 0: We’ll schedule the itinerary and dates and let you know who will need to be present for the 3-Day Design Charrette. Halo’s church architects and designers will then fly in to meet with your team
  • Day 1: We’ll meet with your team to learn more about what you’re looking for. We’ll also study the local architecture so we can design a building that stands out or blends in, depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Day 2: We’ll present our first round of designs in order to get feedback from your team so we can learn what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like changed, etc.
  • Day 3: We’ll show our second iteration to your team to get additional feedback. The goal at this point is to be 90% where we need to be with the main elevation and floor plan so we can go home and finish out the design and 3D renderings for your project.

Step 4: Vision Casting with 3D Visualization

In order to raise millions of dollars in private donations, you don’t want to swing and miss out of the gate. 3D animation helps you share the biggest vision possible with your congregation because seeing is believing and eliminates misunderstanding. We’ve found time and again that 3D animation helps churches raise more money faster and gives your team the best chance to succeed. It ends up being an investment in your project that provides a 100X ROI.

Visit our 3d church animation page to learn more about how 3d animation and visualization will help you with vision casting and fundraising or get in touch now to learn more about our rates for 3d animation projects.


Step 5: Raising Funds with Capital Campaign Consulting

Halo has years of experience helping churches raise funds for church architecture projects. We can help your church run a capital campaign by:

  • Outlining a plan based on our past experience with raising funds for church architecture projects.
  • Creating a schedule and a timeline for fundraising.
  • Training your volunteer group on goals and tasks.

Step 6: Providing Construction Administration

Last but not least, Halo provides construction administration for your project by representing your church on the job site. This helps to:

  • Make sure your church is built the way it was designed.
  • Ensure you get the quality specified in the original designs.
  • Monitor the construction company to make sure they don’t cut corners.

Design + Build Option

In some states, we’re licensed to not only design but also build your church with our own construction teams. This will save you time and money. Feel free to get in touch to find out if the design + build option is available in your state.


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  • I appreciate that everyone I work with at Halo really has the best interest of the client at heart.  We have completed both new construction and major renovations and for each project Halo has operated with a level of professional excellence and a heart for service.

    Doug Hood President CSD Group, Inc.
  • There is no doubt that the expertise provided by the Halo Architects team made this construction process a success story of the highest quality.

    J. Terry Bartlett Post-Garza Co. EMS
  • Hire Halo to take care of creating and expanding your facilities, so you can continue to focus on ministering to people. It's the ultimate win-win situation.

    Justen Quebe Pastor Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • I recommend Halo to anyone who is serious about growing their ministry. Halo is a tier one company that helped us expand our ministry needs by not only designing amazing spaces, but by coming up with creative solutions every step of the way.

    Justen Quebe Pastor Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • Halo was instrumental in the training of our volunteers, interviewing members of our church during the design phase, and implementation of 3D Visualization.

    Tommy Scroggin Hermosa Church of Christ Building Team Co Chair
  • Clarity was maintained throughout the process on budgets, timelines, and any other issues that arose. Halo exemplified professionalism and performance at every stage of the process.

    Wesley Lowrance Lubbock Courtyard Apartments
  • Our church facility is one of the finest architectural feats in a community that appreciates its architecture and art.

    Tommy Scroggin Hermosa Church of Christ Building Team Co Chair
  • In light of the excellent work by Halo we are currently reaching our community in a big way! From our weekly outreach and after school programs to our weekly Sunday service we are delivering healthy impressions that provide a huge impact of change to over 2000+ people on average.

    Josh Ramirez Lubbock Dream Center Campus Pastor
  • We at the COTR/Lubbock Dream Center are so appreciative of the work you have done! Thank you Halo Architects!

    Josh Ramirez Lubbock Dream Center Campus Pastor
  • Halo showed us how the design of the building can actually help fulfill the goals of our ministries.

    Bob Mayberry Hermosa Church of Christ Building Team Co Chair
  • I came to respect Halo's absolute professionalism and technical competence as they advised me on myriad matters.

    J. Terry Bartlett Post-Garza Co. EMS
  • The vision we had for our properties was brought into focus and improved throughout the process of designing, refining, and finally contracting our project. Stan and his team place priority on precision and communication.

    Wesley Lowrance Lubbock Courtyard Apartments
  • I was absolutely blown away with the entire design process, their attention to detail, the consistent clear communication and the 3D visualization! The 3D rendering helped our congregation visualize the end result, which in turn created a lot of excitement and anticipation. I believe it ultimately led to more generous giving.

    Justen Quebe Pastor Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • Halo was instrumental in helping us move from a routine school-structure concept to a highly practical, adaptable, and functional structure that is also strikingly attractive.

    Dr. Mike Bennett Head Master ASES
  • The Halo team is full of talented people, but they also value the contributions of others on the overall design team.  They truly seek input from others with the goal of delivering an outstanding product to the client.

    Doug Hood President CSD Group, Inc.
  • Halo personnel were professional, competent, and willing throughout the project. We have recommended them to others who have asked our advice about architectural firms, and we are pleased to speak on their behalf in this fashion.

    Dr. Mike Bennett Head Master ASES

Halo Architects has had the pleasure of working with many people and organizations all across the country. We take pride in what we produce and the relationships we build with our clients.

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