Christ Church
Mequon, Wisconsin


Christ Church

Located just north of Milwaukee, Christ Church’s heart was to create a building that makes a difference in people’s lives. “In today’s culture, folks are not as concerned with what the sign says out front,” said Pastor Bob Suhr, “what they want is to know when they walk in the door that God is present and what’s there will make a difference in their family’s life.” With the site located between two main thoroughfares, Halo strategically designed a building that would draw in the curious. This form of “Architectural Evangelism” is geared to bring in people on the fringe, people that may otherwise drive on by. “The church wanted to reach out to the men in the community. So we designed the church to have a lodge feel and a masculine vernacular throughout,” said Stan Robertson the lead architect and designer.

Halo designed a 350 seat sanctuary which will be able to host many different events because of the multi-use functions incorporated into the space. A 2,000 square feet, two story lobby space flanks the sanctuary providing space for fellowship and dividing the building’s uses. Adjacent to the lobby are the nursery and children’s spaces, while the second floor houses the café, administration, and youth spaces.

Services Provided

Church Architects - Project Planning - Lubbock TX


Church Architects - Design


Church Architects - 3D Visualization

3D Animation

Lubbock Commercial Architecture - Visualization Services




Church Architects - Construction Consulting


Photos of Completed Project

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