New Legacy Home for Women

Lubbock Dream Center
Lubbock, Texas


Lubbock Dream Center’s New Legacy Home for Women

From the Client:

The Lubbock Dream Center serves in excess of 1600 people with countless different needs each week. One enormous unmet need in our city that continues to present itself is the lack of designated housing to provide a structured program for women and children in crisis. The Lubbock Dream Center serves many women who have a desire to move out of destructive life patterns, but unfortunately, have no place to start. This type of specific housing will be the catalyst enabling women in crisis to step onto a productive path and permanently change the legacy they leave for their children.

The New Legacy home for women will have 24 beds, be a safe, free-of-charge, non-government funded, voluntary, faith-based discipleship program. The New Legacy home will be available to women ages 21 and over from all socio-economic backgrounds. The New Legacy home will serve women exiting the criminal justice system who desire a positive change in their lives, women that need to move out of habits caused by drug and alcohol use, or issues of anger, failure, rejection and doubt. Single moms, abused women, women facing an unplanned pregnancy, women needing to get a GED or job skills will all be welcomed. The New Legacy home will exist to help women that have a strong desire to change their lives and are willing to commit fifteen months of working towards that goal. The purpose of the New Legacy home is to help women write a new life story, leaving a new legacy that empowers them and future generations to serve in the Lubbock community as productive citizens.

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