Triumph Church

Southfield, Michigan 


Triumph Church North Campus

Triumph Church is a multi-campus church located in the Detroit Metro area. With rapid growth over the last 10 years, Triumph has hit a wall in their ability to house their congregants, let alone advance their ministry in their communities. Halo was asked to team with the Pastor and the building committee to help strategize and plan how best to expand each of the four campuses.

The North campus located in Southfield, MI is the hub of the Spiritual Beltway. With the heart of Triumph being community driven, Halo and Triumph’s leadership discussed how the new facility could reach into the community and provide the church with greater opportunities to share the Gospel. One of the unique aspects of this site is that for decades it has been home to the Millennium Center Theater. The church acquired the theater from the city prior to 2010 and has met there since. With decades of history, many people in the community have fond memories of the famous two-for-one cinema screenings or catching an R&B concert or comedy show.

Knowing the history of this facility and recognizing the limitations the Millennium Center (MC) places on the church, Halo and the Leadership decided it was best to keep the MC, modernize it, add seats and design space around it to meet the needs of the church ministries. This led to a six-phase design, the goal of each phase was to allow for Worship Services to continue at the campus as well as knock off the needs of the ministries as each phase is completed.

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