Harvest Christian Fellowship
Lubbock, Texas

Halo: Church Architects & Commercial Architects in Lubbock, TX
Halo: Church Architects & Commercial Architects in Lubbock, TX

Harvest Christian Fellowship

Harvest Christian Fellowship is a multi-campus church in three cities throughout West Texas. The Lubbock Campus purchased a 30,000 square foot skating rink that had served the community of Lubbock for two decades. Halo was called in before the purchase to do a feasibility study on whether or not the building could accommodate the church’s vision. The study came back with high marks which gave HCF the confidence needed to make the purchase.

Halo’s design was centered around Fellowship and how to draw people in, make them comfortable and provide the church with opportunities to meet people where they are at. The design called for the front of the building to be completely demolished creating a blank canvas for new, fresh massing and materials to be used to help communicate to the community this was no longer a skating rink. The interior spaces continued the fellowship theme by creating pockets where people could meet and discuss life with one another in a comfortable, encouraging environment. The worship space is unique in that Halo used EPS Foam blocks to create the risers in the back, much like the theater seating seen in cinemas. This allowed for the furthest chairs to be pulled as close to the stage as possible meaning every seat has a great view.

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